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Cross cultural marketing: Beware of too many "cultures"!

Is it possible to "over segment" your market? It depends on your objective. You have to certainly take into consideration the potential benefits against the added cost. The more you define and refine (sub-divide) your market, the more research and details that are required to accurately define your sub-segments. More segments will come with added cost. The implementation of your strategy for all of these smaller segments must show positive and a significant return on investment (ROI). Each identified sub-segment must show that it is worth targeting as a separate segment and with a distinct marketing strategy,.

In cross cultural marketing, effective analysis of the many segments is the key to success.

Best practices call for:

  1. the definition of as many segments as possible;
  2. finding major commonalities across segments;
  3. analyzing these commonalities to validate relevancy;
  4. reduce the number of segments will improve the ROI;
  5. careful attention to not go too broad, making the cross cultural segmentation null and void.


  1. What is the best way to segement to cover all and not miss any important segments?

  2. It is best to start with a clear research plan. Once you have collected your data find commonalities that will create segments within segments. when the granularity becomes too much to manage or if differences are subtle, then you probably have segments that don't mean anything (thus to many).