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Rialty Real Estate-Doing it RIGHT while others are just ...

Today we highlight a business man and a business that is doing it right for home buyers. With the real estate market collapse and the lack of consumer confidence in banks, home buyers have become skeptical with all participants in the home buying process. And frankly should anyone blame them?

One company that is making a difference is Rialty Real Estate (Statesville, North Carolina). Their mission is simple yet extremely important to the home buyer. The Rialty Real Estate mission is "to connect consumers with the top REALTORS® in the country."

The company's president is Matt Reyes a graduate of West Point. As an Army Officer, Mr Reyes served in many leadership capacities including in combat during the Persian Gulf War. Following this, he worked in corporate America and was heavily involved in Human Resources where he continued to study and learn about people. He brings an extraordinary drive and desire to help home buyers make the best decision when selecting a Realtor.

We all know that in any profession there are top performers and not-so top performers. With access to a select group of 25,000 of the nation’s top Realtors, Rialty is able to find the best match of realtor for any home buyer. Rialty takes the guess work out of the decision. Rialty recommends Realtors after putting potential matches through a thorough and proven screening and evaluation process.

The incredible level of proficiency found in the nation’s top Realtors and a “just want something to do” attitude of some of the nation’s worst, is what inspired Mr Reyes to start this business in 2004 and continues to drive the business today. When asked, why choose to the work with Rialty? Mr Reyes responded, “Our focus is the home buyer first. We are able to ask Realtors questions that our clients (home buyers) would not normally know to ask. Our experience in the business is put to good use to screen out those bad Realtors and leave our clients to only have to decide which home is right for them.”

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This is part of an ongoing series of Marketing Excellence Extra Touch (MEET) Awards. This is a simple recognition of businesses and or service providers that go above and beyond expectations. If you find a business that you would like to nominate for a MEET Award, we'd like to hear from you. These blog posts are not sponsored and Marketing Excellence Inc does not receive any compensation for these posts.

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