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Enter your guy to appear in a video (for Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez' book)

Hey, chicas! I am convinced that we have some of the best-looking men on the planet in our communities, aren’t you? I mean, just look at my friend, New York Dominicano Reyniel (actor, musician, all-around cool guy) in the photo above, and tell me you’re not fanning yourself!

Is your male friend, husband, boyfriend or boy-toy just plain hot? Do you want the world to know just how cute/handsome/adorable he is? Send me a video! C’mon now, guys. Don’t be shy.

I am seeking short (clean) and sexy videos of hot guys speaking the following script, for a Youtube video for my blog, site and social media sites. A great way for an aspiring actor or model to get his face and name out!

Here’s the script. Please send your videos to me at or post the link as a comment here. Spread the word! I want at least 5 cute guys on this vid, preferably 20. Ready, set….ACTION!

SCRIPT: I hear women asking this question all the time. Where are all the good men? We know what you’re looking for. Sincerity, good looks, education, style, a good job, maybe some muscles, and for sure a sense of humor. A good man is hard to find. But we’re out there. And I’m here to tell you there’s one place you can go to always find a man like that. A man like me. A novel by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Good books, full of great guys. Get your read on.

--by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, NY Times Bestselling Author  

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