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Sept 11 Float (Remember, Reflect, Renew) at the Rose Parade

Sept 11 Float at 2011 Rose Parade (Pasadena CA)
If you watched the Rose Parade, you may have seen a float dedicated to Sept 11. We at Marketing Excellence Inc have a couple of friends that were responsible for putting the float together. We are proud to know them and want to say Thank You.

But seeing the image of the NYC Firefighters raising the American Flag and listening to comments made by the parade's TV host really moved me. It was very interesting when my children realized it will be 10 years this year.

It also brought back a memory of my childhood. When I was a kid, December 7, which marked the sneak attack by Japan on the US at Pearl Harbor, was a big deal. We discussed it in school; parents really reflected; WW II Veterans were somber; and the press really addressed it. By the middle of the second generation removed from December 7, it was becoming just a discussion point in the news and a 3 minute history lesson in the classroom. Today it seems to be just another day. People are so into the holidays that it has sort of been forgotten. Can you imagine how days after Thanksgiving and days before Christmas and Hanukkah our country was attacked by a country with the capability of destroying us?

So as the September 11th's Float's inscription suggested to "Remember, Reflect, and Renew", please do so now and well past the 9-11 generation.

Lets truly "Remember" our history both good and unpleasant. Lets truly "Reflect" on the lessons learned. And , lets "Renew" our Patriotism.

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