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Excellence is NOT interchangeable

Marketing is my beloved profession. In my almost 15 years in marketing I have seen many excellent performers in other fields make an attempt to work in marketing. Many different challenges are encountered:

  1. Engineers: Good ideas can only be proven with an "engineering" formula

  2. Salesperson: Sell it at any price because some money is better than no money

  3. Finance & Accounting: Margin analysis and risk mitigation need 3 years worth of history
  4. and many more

A true marketing professional must always be looking at the big picture which includes all of the above AND much much more. All too often these individuals who are not real marketing professionals are looking for the "Silver Bullet" (as found in a marketing book or business magazine).

When selecting that marketing manager or marketing firm wouldn't you agree that the marketer who brings a complete view on your problem or opportunity is the way to go. The moment that the marketing "pro" zeroes in on one aspect of your problem or opportunity, they have missed or will miss all the other necessary inputs and contributors. One of those that are missed is sure to be important.

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  1. Quite true. My challenge as a marketing director in my company is to teach the non-marketing professionals about the big picture view that a marketing pro should have. I spend upwards of 80% of my time on that.