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One day after the San Diego Wildfire (Poway)

ON the day after the fires in San Diego, I find some interesting sets of people. I found out today that my home was spared. Unfortunately we have several friends who lost their homes in the wildfire. This morning I returned to my home to find out that it was saved. The inside of the home smelled like smoke. I decided to try to find an air purifier. I went to a Costco nearby. It was smoky and almost empty. I applaud the employees that showed up for they were really helping those in need. Most of the people were buying water, food and other basic necessities. Then I was surprised by this one couple. They were browsing and shopping as if nothing happened. They were looking at the special order items for a great deal. At first I was angered by their disregard for the suffering that was occurring within feet of them. Then my wife reminded me that people deal with stress in different ways. I guess she was right.

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