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San Diego Wildfire Poway Day 3

Day three after the wildfires of San Diego that almost reached our house in Poway.

We were out cleaning today and found a neat pile of ash in front of the house. I looked around to find that a wooden shelf which sits below a front window was partially charred. The fire came THAT close. Seeing the neat pile of ash, I could only think how lucky and blessed we were. We have now discovered that eight (and counting) of our friends were not so lucky. They lost their homes and all of the things they left behind. Some are in high spirits and others are in shock. Time will heal their pain. As friends we feel so helpless. Whatever we offer to help them through this difficult time, is just not enough. I sense that they feel happy that we offered, but we walk away thinking what else can we do to help.

Also today President Bush visited an area hit extra hard in San Diego--Rancho Bernardo. He seems to be doing an excellent job helping our victims. Support programs are in place already. His visit was comforting to many as he told San Diegans that the country is behind us. He was well received and the victims, emergency workers and people of San Diego seemed very pleased by his visit and support.

May God Bless all the victims and their families.

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