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Quality Management-Don't let customers figure it out

What is Quality Management? Companies answer that question by highlighting the customer. 'Its what the customer says is quality.' This is so far from being the right answer and the foundation for a good business decision.
Quality is not interchangeable with customer satisfaction. Do you really think that customers care about manufacturing specifications and tolerance levels?

Quality management involves understanding what your company has to do to make a product or service that is reliable, long-lasting, maintenance-free or low maintenance, problem solving.

Quality management requires that companies understand what will satisfy a customer and create manufacturing, service and measurement processes and procedures that create a customer satisfying product and service.


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  2. Most QA departments have the same challenge. They adhere to company checks and balances that may not be relevant to the customer. I agree with you. First speak to the customer and then break down what they are really wanting into product specs.