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Yankee Stadium is gone. My memories

Today Sept 21 2008 marked the last baseball game played at Yankee Stadium. Many talked about memories and how knocking down the building was not going to take those away. That is very true!


I will never be able to point out to my children where I sat when Reggie hit 3 home runs in the 1977 World Series. I will never stand at the same spot where I took pictures with Mickey Rivers and Sparky Lyle. In fact I will never be able to show them where I stood next to my Dad and watched Thurman Munson slide in spikes high on Carlton Fisk (oh and the fight that followed). I will never be able to take them to the place where I caught the ceremonial first pitch before game 4 of the 1978 World series that was thrown by Bob Hope. Lastly,I won't be able to show them where we sat June 22 2008.

If you don't know what I am talking about then you won't understand why I shed a few tears tonight when the game was over.

I thank "The Stadium" and the Yankees for the fantastic memories that I can no longer relive!

What is your memory of The Stadium?


  1. I didnt grow up a Yankee fan but last nights game and the coverage by ESPN was awesome. I also went to 3 Yankee games this season, I wish I would have bought tickets for last nights game. How dumb can I be? At least I was able to take my girls to three games this yr. Our memories will last forever.


  2. I remember when you took me to a game and we were all over that Stadium like you owned it. Will you be owning the new one?

  3. Emilio, you and your father bought me to my 1st New York Yankees Game. Game 3 of the 1978 ALCS; what a game. It ranks up there in Yankees history as one of many special Yankees moments. Goose Gossage closed the game after Thurman Munson hit a homerun 460 feet. Catfish gave up 3 homeruns to George Brett. And yes I agree Tony, we ran around the entire Stadium like Emilio owned it. We even went to the clubhouse and dugout after the game. It was empty except for some old guys fixing it up for the next game. I remember standing in front of Reggie Jackson's locker and wondering if I should take his batting glove - I decided not to cause I thought I would jinx his at bats. It was a well worn glove and held the shape as if his hand was still in it. I remember the shopping carts filled with their bats and taking a hold of Roy White's bat - the bats had their own names inscribed on them. A special gratitude I have in my heart for you Emilio and your father; may his soul rest in Peace with Pilar in heaven. I'm sure they attended the game on Sunday the 21st of September.

  4. Wow I did not know how long lasting that memory would be. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I was only at Yankee Stadium twice. One to cheer on Boston in 77 and again to cheer on the Mets In 06. Yes it is sad to see an end of an era, but come on they didn't disappear. They just moved a cross the street. I am glad i was able to see a subway world series though. That will always be my biggest memory of Yankee Stadium. even. Oh that and me telling a Yankee fan who was pissed that Met fans came to HIS house, to be a good host and get me a beer.....he didnt really like that one....Ah f'em! LOL

  6. You don’t happen to have any pictures from that NYPD picnic at the Stadium, do you?

    When I told my kids about that day, they were amazed. I still have the green ribbon pinned to my OLC uniform shirt with everybody’s signature. But they were like No Pictures?!? … they don’t get that we didn’t have cell phones w cameras.