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Republican Party needed to focus on Public Relations like Democrats did

The Republican Party can learn something from the Democratic Party when it comes to Relationship Marketing and Public Relations (PR) . They need to learn how to communicate their message so people receive it and understand easily.

Now this post is not an anti-republican or pro-democrat statement. It's just a statement as to how the Republican Party can improve on their delivery of their message and position on items that Americans really care about. To really understand where the break down is for the Republican party one must look at the Bill Clinton Campaign and now the Barack Obama campaign. Both gentlemen used the press and every speaking opportunity to consistently engage the audience with what they (the audience) needed to hear as well as a little of what they wanted to hear. For example the Obama message that John McCain will be 4 more years of the Bush Administration is really sticking with some of his listeners. This is a carefully thought out message that is being consistently delivered and really makes the listener "feel" something.

These are keys to a good PR Campaign-consistency and emotions. You are not always trying to necessarily persuade by reason and logic. A good PR message must evoke emotion. In the case of Obama's message, the listener may take their disapproval towards President Bush and redirect it to McCain. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, it is effective.

The other key point to learn from the Obama Campaign is the use of various tools. Print, audio, and visual are all needed because different people learn and retain information in different ways. Take for example the 30-minute infomercial style appearance that Obama held on Oct 29 that was covered by 6 or 7 networks . With just 1 week before the elections, this PR tool provided some testimonials and visuals that evoked an emotional reaction by the viewer.

The republicans are talking about high level issues that though they may be significant are hard to really relate to on a massive scale.

In business you need to do the same. Engage the audience emotionally and use different tools so the audience uses different senses. It also has to be consistent and repetitive so it sticks. Miss any of these and your audience misses the message also.


  1. What the democrats did right in this campaign is to make Obama a brand. The key branding strategy is the continued emphasis on "change" in all forms. They crafted a message and stuck to it for two years..never wavering as their republican counterparts did. Obama has been positioned as " the change agent" in the minds of the electorate who perceive that their only hope is in a "changed" America.

    With a strong platform, and a strong brand, Obama maintained his very personable style of communication. Whether this is a result of effective public relations coaching or not, his rhetorical style throughout this campaign was one of calm and resolve and exuded immediacy (ease and ability to connect with people at all levels). He always appeared natural and at ease on all occasions. One very notable communication tactic he uses that generates immediacy is "haptics" (touch) when interacting with anyone from his opponent, McCain, to his devout followers. There is much to be said about the tasteful use of this nonverbal tactic, especially when one wants to communicate warmth, engagement and interest to others.

    In short, the electorate is influenced, to a great extent, by form as well as content. For Mccain to have been on an even playing field, he would have needed to brand himself using ONE key message. His tendency to generate various themes and messages throughout the campaign did not serve him well. It did nothing for his believability. He also needed to pay more attention to his form with a focus on generating a more personable, approachable presidential image.

  2. Mr Obama definitely did an excellent job in his campaign and getting himself elected. Now he will have to deliver on all those promises. Or do you think he will be easily forgiven if he does not deliver?

  3. I am not sure that any Republican could have beat Obama. He is al about change and American are looking for just that.