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Hispanic Business Owners are Different

It is interesting how Hispanic Owned businesses approach their customers. Marketing Excellence recently conducted a Retention Marketing workshop to Hispanic business owners in San Ysidro California. The event was sponsored by the San Ysidro Business District.

During the workshop, it was interesting to note how the owners and senior staff viewed their customers. They all held their customers (and clients) to the highest regard. They shared that when a customer walks into their business, they try to treat them as if the customer was walking into their house. They want to make them feel welcomed and at ease. They were already implementing retention marketing strategies without ever being formally trained or introduced to this business strategy.

The big lesson learned was that they valued each and every customer. They are willing to do what is in the best interest of their customer. They understand that their main purpose is to provide the customer a solution. It could be clothing, furniture, insurance, food products or any other product or service. But they view the transaction with their customers as a "partnership agreement" for future business. They are certainly not looking to make one score or take advantage of their customers. They fully appreciate and embrace the concept of life time value of a customer. Some may argue that this is not really a lesson; this is good business sense. The difference demonstrated by the Hispanic business owners is the PASSION in their execution and business practices.

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