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Chicken Pie Diner winner of the MEET Award

This week Marketing Excellence Inc. wants to recognize the Chicken Pie Diner located at 14727 Pomerado Road Poway, CA 92064. Last Friday night myself and the family were buying some last minute gifts for a wedding. The evening had passed us by and it was approaching 9PM. We entered the Chicken Pie Diner at about 8:45 to 8:50 with closing time being 9PM. As we sat we asked the gentlemen (Chris) showing us to our seat, 'Is it too late? You close at 9, right?' He responded, "You are fine. Its not 9 yet. We take orders until 8:59." At first I just thought he was being polite. He went through the routine of drinks and getting our meal order. As we waited for our meal to come out, we decided to ask Chris if we could get our meals to go. He asked why. We responded, 'You folks are closing and we do not want to'... But before I could finish my sentence he said "It is fine. That is what we are here for." When Chris came with our food, I asked him if he was the owner. I assumed that he had to be the owner because he was very customer and service-oriented. He replied, "Oh no! I am just the manager." Let me tell you, Chris went well above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. He checked in on us. He asked if we wanted deserts. When we said no to the deserts, he mentioned that the kids meals came with deserts and suggested ice cream in a to-go container. We will definitely be back. Not only was the service excellent, the food was good too. The Chicken Pie Diner in Poway CA and Chris (the manager) get the "acclaimed" MEET Award for how we were treated during our recent visit.

This is part of an ongoing series of Marketing Excellence Extra Touch (MEET) Awards. This is a simple recognition of businesses and or service providers that go above and beyond expectations. If you find a business that you would like to nominate for a MEET Award, we'd like to hear from you. These blog posts are not sponsored and Marketing Excellence Inc does not receive any compensation for these posts.

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