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Newport Beach Brewing Company winner of the MEET Award

This week Marketing Excellence Inc. wants to recognize the Newport Beach Brewing Company located at 2920 Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, CA 92663. The Brewco, as it's regulars affectionately refer to this eatery / brewery, offers a nice environment for watching a sporting event, drinking one of their award winning beers or just kicking back to enjoy a great meal.

With all that, the Brewco did something extra special this past week. When asked to offer prizes for an Army Organizational Day event, Mike the BrewCo's owner went above and beyond. He provided merchandise, gift cards and a stack of coupon's for the troops. Now some may say Mike is just being patriotic. Well he certainly demonstrating patriotism with his actions. However we did not mention that the Brewco was the biggest donor to this huge event and the event was held in another town, Costa Mesa. That is right the event is not even in his own town. The Brewco is a must-go-to place. Service is excellent, food is really good and you have to try their award winning brews.

For the generosity in support of our American soldiers, great beer, food and service, the Newport Beach Brewing Company is awarded the "acclaimed" MEET Award.

This is part of an ongoing series of Marketing Excellence Extra Touch (MEET) Awards. This is recognition of businesses and or service providers that go above and beyond expectations. If you find a business that you would like to nominate for a MEET Award, we'd like to hear from you. These blog posts are not sponsored and Marketing Excellence Inc does not receive any compensation for these posts.

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