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Silly String, Now Silly Bands hhhhhhm!

Every once in awhile I am amazed by the creativity of some marketing professionals. Some winners of my "amazement award" are the Cabbage Patch Doll, Pet Rocks, and Silly String. The most recent winner is SILLY BANDS. We never sit in judgement of a product's success. If we did, we would be questioning the judgement of consumers and users. We would never do that. If they (consumers) want to buy it, marketers should market and sell it.

We sell Silly Bands and alot of them. The real amazement comes from how fast they are flying off our shelves. We have all kinds of organizations buying these things from Girl Scout Troops to teachers to restaurants. What the heck is the appeal? It is a rubber band molded into different shapes which is not too flexible. Once you use it for whatever reason, it loses its shape.

We don't get the product appeal but know there was a great marketer behind the buzz. Can anyone tell us the message(s) that started this success?

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